Solar FAQs

Our Solar FAQs page answers the most common questions we receive, including topics about solar costs, solar financing, recommended installers, and our bidding process. We also cover how can help you navigate the process and go solar with confidence. 

General Questions

What exactly will do for me? will:
— Assess your project scope during a quick consultation call.
— Design your solar system using enhanced satellite photos of your roof, local ratings of sun exposure, and your home’s power consumption.
— Find you up to a dozen bids on your solar project.
— Present you with a detailed analysis of the 3 best offers.
— Advocate on your behalf throughout the installation process.
— Monitor your system’s production after installation.
— Guarantee your system’s production for the first year.
Does install solar panels?
No, will not install your system. We are a marketplace that sources the best installers, manufacturers, and financiers to find you the perfect system. One of the approved solar providers in our network that you choose will install your system.
How accurate are the project estimates?
Our project estimates should give a decent idea for your system cost and savings and is based on our historical solar pricing database. The project estimates factor in your utility rate schedules and pricing in your area and calculate your solar savings using your average monthly electric bill. However, every project is different, so you will need to wait until we deliver bids to be certain of your results.
Will evaluate the solar quotes I already have?
Absolutely. We’ll evaluate the bids you have, and then provide competitive bids from our network. Once you compare the two, we’re certain you’ll see the value we bring to the table in both quality and price.
How much does it cost to use
Our service is completely free for you. No hidden charges or unexpected fees.
How does make money?
Sales and marketing costs in the solar industry are extremely high, ranging from $3,000 to $6,000 per project. We’ve eliminated customer acquisition and sales costs for solar providers, and in doing so, we get paid a fraction of what it typically costs them when we deliver a signed contract. It is a success fee paid directly from the solar provider to We will never charge you.
How does stay unbiased?
The only way we make money is if we deliver you an outstanding solar option you choose to move forward with. Our fee is flat across solar providers, equipment, financing, etc. This makes our platform and our solar experts completely agnostic to the equipment used in the system. The one and only thing we care about is delivering you the best value.
What sort of solar equipment do you use?
Our platform has thousands of equipment options. If the quality of solar equipment is high enough to meet our qualifications, we offer it. Many of our customers tend to choose top tier equipment, including LG, SolarWorld, Solaredge, and Enphase, to name a few.
Who will find out if I qualify for rebates and tax credits? has an extensive database of solar incentives that we are constantly updating. To ensure we maximize your savings, we’ll be sure to plug in all the rebates, tax credits, and other incentives available for your project.
Do you guarantee the best price?
We guarantee the best price for the same value deal. If we’re offering premier equipment and you show us a bid with low quality equipment, we’ll need to adjust our equipment offering to match it. The same goes for the quality of an installer. An installer that is more bankable will demand a higher price because they’re more likely to be able to stand behind their warranties.
What warranties does offer? offers the industry’s only triple coverage warranty. You’ll have manufacturer warranties, solar provider warranties, and the production guarantee. We’re so confident in our solar provider partners, that we stand behind their work by guaranteeing solar power production for the first year.
Will I sign a contract with
Your installation contract will not be with – it will be directly with the solar provider we match you with using’s standardized contract. We’ll e-send you the contract via Docusign only after your selected solar provider has signed off. will sign a contract guaranteeing your system’s production for the first year.

Project Financing

Does offer lease and purchase options? presents cash pricing and loan financing options on our project dashboard. Your dedicated Energy Advisor can help you navigate lease options if interested. 

How does decide which financing options to display? will display all financing options available through the given installer. Your Energy Advisor will help you determine which option is the best fit for you. 
Does make money on financing?
We have no incentive to direct you in one way or another besides what’s best for you. receives no compensation or kickbacks for any projects financed through our platform.
Can I go $0 down with
Yes! We offer any option of going solar that you have heard about. We’ll educate you on the different financing options but we’ll leave the decision to you.
Is getting financing a time consuming difficult process?
This all depends on the financier you choose. Many of our financier recommendations have instant approval. Once you fill out the initial application, typically you do need to provide a recent W2 and other relevant documentation.
How does the financing process work?
Our financing process is as follows:
— You select the optimal financing solution for your project with guidance from
— will notify you of the necessary documentation for financing.
— Your selected installer will follow up with the financier with your project details to get your financing fully approved and funded.
— Depending on your financing option, you may receive progress payment checks from your financier to provide to your contractor throughout the installation.
— After the project is completed, you will continue to pay your loan payment for the duration of the term.


Why should I use instead of going directly to an installer? simplifies the solar buying experience. You will have a dedicated Energy Advisor who will review up to a dozen bids on your project from the highest quality local installers, then review the top options with you. Our bids, on average, are 20% lower than the market price of going directly to an installer. You save time, money, and have an advocate on your side to make sure your project is installed smoothly.

How is different from a normal solar provider?
We are a solar marketplace that finds you the best solar offer on the market. We will not install your system ourselves, but have one of our trusted partners (that you select) install the system. We will help you evaluate equipment, financing, and installer options.
How is different from a salesperson?
Our solar experts are here to help educate you on solar you and make recommendations for your project. We never need to come to your home. We also provide multiple options for your installer, equipment, and financing, while the typical salesperson has a sole offering to sell. Since we are not financially motivated to push one option over another, you can be sure that our only motivation is to give you the absolute best service.

Creating a account

What happens after I create an account?

The first step after you create an account is scheduling a quick 10-minute call with one of our solar experts to go over some details on your home and energy usage. After designing your optimal system, we’ll evaluate all the solar options in your area and compose an analysis for you on the top three options. Your assigned solar expert will be with you along the way to answer questions and provide recommendations.

How much time is this going to take me?
In total, you will spend less than a hour communicating with staff during the system design and bidding process. After selecting your solar provider, it will typically take 1-3 months to have the system up and running.
Will you share my contact information?
Never – your information is safe with us. We will never give your contact information to any third party until you give us permission to do so. Typically, the first time we share any of your information is when we send out your contract to your selected installer. There are no other points in time during which we share your personal information.
Am I going to receive a bunch of calls from installers if I give you my information?
Nope. The only time a solar provider will reach out to you is after you’ve selected them as the winning bid. They cannot see any of your contact information when placing bids.
What information do you absolutely need to know?
We will need:
— The last 12 months of your electricity consumption data.
— The amperage of your electrical panel box.
— Your desired electric bill offset.
— Your financing preferences.
Why do you need my electric bill?
We size your system off your electric bill. We also request a bill to see your utility rate schedule to ensure we are calculating your savings correctly. Bidding Process

How long does the bidding process take?
Once we have received all required details, you should have your solar quotes and analysis in-hand within 2 business days.
Will installers contact me to bid on my project?
No, all communication is handled between and the installer. They won’t have any of your contact information until you select a bid to move forward with.
How does decide who bids on my project? rigorously vets all of its installer partners on over 50 different factors to ensure you receive a quality bid from a quality installer.
How many bids will I receive?
We’ll find you up to a dozen bids and your dedicated Energy Advisor will select the top 3 bids based on any preferences that you have. We can always adjust these top bids if you don’t see just what you’re looking for.
What factors do you look at when selecting bids for me?
We consider over 50 factors when evaluating your bids, these range from:
— Solar provider details
— Quality of equipment (panels, inverters, monitoring, etc.)
— Warranty coverage and duration
— Financing options
— Overall cost and savings
Will the bid cost be all-inclusive?
Yes! Aside from odd scenarios like a re-roof, your bid will show exactly what you need to pay. It will include permitting costs, taxes, and more.
Why is there a difference in cash and loan pricing?
The loan price is your true system cost. The cash price includes a cash discount. Why the cash discount? Similar to closing costs on a mortgage, there are additional costs the installer incurs through a financed deal. The installer is not making more money on these deals, rather the financier is taking a small margin from the installer to deliver competitive rates. So by eliminating financing, the installer can give you a cash discount.
How long do I have to select a bid?
Once we present the bids to you, we guarantee the bids for 14 days. After the 14 days, we’ll need to reconfirm pricing and equipment supply with the solar provider.
What happens after I select a bid to move forward with?
After you choose a bid, we’ll draft up a contract with our standard template. You’ll then have the ability to review and e-sign the document. Once the contract is signed, we’ll then introduce you to the selected solar provider.
Will the cost change after the solar provider comes out to my house?
We have an extremely low change order rate – less than 5%. We take every necessary step to ensure we give you final pricing. If there are any changes to cost, such as structural issues, our solar providers must have these changes approved by We’ve got your back!
Is out of the process after I sign a contract?
Not at all. After signing your contract, you’ll be introduced to a member of our Customer Success team. They’ll be assigned specifically to your project and will be with you throughout the entire installation process to ensure everything is moving forward smoothly. Once your system is installed, we’re still there for help, whether it’s monitoring your system or answering questions. Installers

What is the difference between a solar provider, solar installer, and solar contractor?
We use these terms interchangeably. Some companies prefer one over the other – no difference at all.
How many solar providers does work with? is partnered with over 120 solar installers nationwide. These partners are all vetted and qualified by staff. Less than 30% of installer applications are approved.
How do you vet the solar providers? evaluates potential solar providers on over a dozen different criteria, including past customer testimonials and references, publicly available reviews, bankability, number of installations completed, licenses and insurance, equipment used, warranties offered, and more.
What type of solar providers do you work with?
We work with both large national installers and smaller regional installers. This gives you a variety of installers offering different benefits.
What happens if an installer goes out of business?
We take every reasonable measure to ensure we only work with bankable, high quality solar installers. Given that we have a thorough vetting process and constantly update our installer rating system, it’s highly unlikely that any installer you choose will be out of business within a year from your installation. If in 5 years your installer is no longer in business, you will still have manufacturer warranties on your equipment. Depending on the issue, you still may be covered partially or fully by the manufacturer.