Gordon Algermissen

Business Development Manager

Gordon was a Business Development Manager at Pick My Solar. Gordon graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a B.A. in Environment, Economics, and Politics. In addition to solar, Gordon has interests in water conservation, land management, and environmental policy.

Solar Learning Articles

Will I Save Money When I Go Solar?

  Yes, you will not only save money by going...

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What Trump’s Presidency Means for the Solar Industry

The election of Donald Trump to the office of President...

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California Net Metering 2.0 Update

This afternoon, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) released an...

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Three Things to Avoid When Installing Your Solar Panel System

At Solar.com, we have a lot of experience in the...

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What You Need to Know about Net Metering 2.0

Traditionally, California has been one of the states with friendliest...

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Why “Falling Back” is Bad for Solar

With daylight savings recently ending, it is that time of...

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4 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Going Solar

  Buying a solar system for your home can be...

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Does Solar Panel Efficiency Really Matter?

Installers who sell high-efficiency panels love to flaunt that point...

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