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Will I Save Money When I Go Solar?


Yes, you will not only save money by going solar, but you will become the owner of independent and clean energy. By investing in your own power source (solar panels), you will end years of renting expensive energy from your local utility company. Utility rates increase an average of two to five percent per year! Through a solar energy system, you can eliminate this substantial yearly price increase (think about the price increase when compounded over 25 years)! Through our solar marketplace, Solar.com has helped homeowners save up to 20 percent on solar panel installation when compared with going directly through a solar installer.

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When Solar Companies Compete – You Save.

The best solar companies in your area are competing for your business. This fierce competition translates into massive savings. The average homeowner faces many overwhelming unknowns about today’s solar industry because it is still considered a relatively new industry. Such unknowns include:

  • Comparing costs
  • Financing methods
  • Types of solar equipment
  • Installer options

Solar.com has created a user-friendly, one-stop online platform for helping homeowners who have decided to go solar. We have saved our customers $1000s by creating a competitive solar energy online marketplace spanning the nation. Solar.com eliminates outlandish sales electric-vs-solar-bill.pngand marketing costs in the industry ranging between $3,000 and $6,000 per project. We begin to save you money by going solar even before you begin your search because our fees are paid directly from our solar providers. Our solar energy experts will:

  • Optimize the purchase process with only top competitive bids
  • Eliminate the hassle of high-pressure sales pitches
  • Facilitate the finalization of your purchase contract online
  • Coordinate and simplify installation
  • Improve customer service post-installation

When the best solar companies compete for your business, you save money in the short- and long-term. By using Solar.com’s online solar quotes generator you will receive an estimated cost of your new solar energy system and what cost savings you can expect:

  • Average Upfront Solar Savings = $4,200
  • Average Lifetime Solar Savings = $82,500
  • 12% – 25% return on investment when paying cash for your solar panels
  • The instant federal tax credit of 30 percent
  • Local solar rebates depending upon your state
  • Unmatched start-to-finish customer service experience provided by Solar.com energy experts and engineers
  • 25-year warranty on your solar power system

Go Solar to Save Money Quickly and Efficiently

Solar.com’s online marketplace is your one-stop shop for cost saving, clean energy to power your home.

  • Have your energy consumption evaluated by a Solar.com expert
  • Review our top solar provider recommendations
  • Select an all-inclusive solar energy system

Energy Consumption Evaluation

Solar.com will find you up to a dozen bids for your new solar energy system from prequalified, reputable providers in your area. After your initial phone consultation, our expert solar engineers will evaluate:

  • Enhanced satellite photos of your roof
  • Local ratings of sun exposure
  • Your local utility’s rate schedule
  • Your past history of energy consumption

Simply chat with one of our dedicated solar experts to have your questions answered and discover your best clean energy options. The remainder of the process can be accomplished conveniently online. You will receive bids, analysis, and recommendations from your personal Solar.com expert consultant. In the privacy of your home, you can watch as our solar energy engineers accurately design and size your new solar power system!

Review Top Solar Provider Testimonials

Discover what the top qualified solar energy providers in your area are offering by comparing:

  • Solar equipment
  • Financing options
  • Solar installers

Solar.com will provide you with hassle-free insight on your solar options based on 50 industry-wide variables.

Selecting Your All-Inclusive Solar Energy System

While avoiding high-pressure sales tactics, you can select the solar energy system provider best qualified to meet your personal and budgetary needs.

  • Select the bid making the most sense for your home
  • Review and approve the purchase contract terms and conditions online agreed to between you and the solar provider you have selected
  • Finalize and sign the purchase contract online
  • Watch as we make sure your solar energy system is installed in a timely and proper manner and to your high satisfaction
  • Rest assured while Solar.com monitors your new solar energy system’s performance and makes sure your customer satisfaction remains our top priority

Innovative Solar Energy Solutions to Save You Money

The cost of solar is not nearly as high as the average consumer assumes. Discover just how affordable and cost-saving solar energy is by experiencing Solar.com’s online marketplace. Because we have designed a one-stop shop for clean energy, our dedicated solar experts are available Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. Simply call 888.454.9979 – or – click the button below to see your expected savings when you go solar.


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