Solar Providers Near Me

When beginning your home solar project, you might start by searching “Solar Providers Near Me.”

Then, you’ll be presented with dozens of different solar companies to choose from. All of these installers will vary in size, equipment offerings, and reputability, and it can take months to line up multiple quotes.

But there’s a better way.

In this article, we’ll explore a way to find reputable local installers that’s easier, quicker, and safer than Googling “solar providers near me.”

What’s the best way to find solar providers near me?

The best way to find solar providers near you is the guided experience on the marketplace. On, we weed out the riff-raff to bring you multiple quotes from our network of vetted and certified solar installers.

Better yet, it’s quick, easy, and free.

A graphic showing three steps to get quotes from local solar installers on

In a matter of hours, you’ll have multiple quotes from solar installers near you.

How to get started:

  1. Punch in your zip code below and answer a few questions about your home and energy bill
  2. Create a profile to set up your project dashboard
  3. Schedule a call with an Energy Advisor to discuss your goals and generate quotes for your custom project

A guided solar experience

Going solar is a major home improvement that most people do once in a lifetime. There’s no shame in feeling unsure about the process — you’ve never done it before!

That’s why we every customer gets a team of experts to guide them to a successful, productive, and long-lasting installation.

This team includes:

  • Energy Advisors
  • Design engineers
  • Financing experts
  • Customer Success Representatives

Think of your team as the complimentary concierge service at a nice hotel. You can wander through an unfamiliar city looking for a place to eat, or you can get recommendations and directions from a local expert.

We’re taking the same approach to solar by making it quick, easy, and free to compare multiple solar quotes from installers near you.

Why multiple quotes?

The key to any successful solar project is to compare at least three quotes from reputable local solar installers.

“Purchasing solar is a big investment in a home and it’s always a best practice — for any home improvement project — to get multiple quotes,” said Brian Lynch, a solar industry veteran currently with REC Group. “First, you learn new things with each quote and become better educated. Second, you’re ensuring competitive pricing.”

Comparing multiple quotes also gives you exposure to a wider range of equipment and configurations.

“If you’re only talking to one or two contractors, or using a national platform that doesn’t have a robust network, you’re only seeing a sliver of the total options out there,” Lynch said.

Preferred pricing on’s guided experience isn’t just the easiest way to find trusted solar installers near you — it’s a way to find the best price for solar and battery projects.

The US Department of Energy reported that generating solar bids through the marketplace saves “roughly $0.20/W–$0.40/W, which is equivalent to $1,000–$2,000 in savings for a typical 5-kW residential PV system.”

That’s because, in addition to helping you find local and federal incentives, offers preferred pricing from our installers to help you save up to 30% below market average.

Reputable installers

We’ll admit it — the solar industry has its fair share of scams and shoddy companies that make life harder for everyone else.

In fact, that’s’s parent company, Electrum, was founded with the mission to empower communities through transparency and choice and enable a better quality of life for all people.

We evaluate installer partners based on over a dozen criteria including customer testimonials, bankability, installs completed, licenses and insurance, warranties and more.

Less than 30% of the installers that apply to our network are approved — we’re that picky about who we partner with.

Through the guided experience, you’re getting:

  1. Multiple binding quotes
  2. Industry-best pricing
  3. Thoroughly vetted installers

And that’s all with a single point of contact — your dedicated Energy Advisor.

We understand that some people prefer — and even enjoy — doing the legwork on their own. Here’s what finding a solar provider near you entails without using the marketplace.

How to Find the Solar Companies Near You On Your Own

Start with a Google search of “solar providers near me.” You’ll be served a medley of sponsored listings, maps, and guides (like this one!).

If your results are anything like mine, you’ll need to go to the second, third, or fourth pages to find actual solar providers near you. Once you find them, make a list of a dozen or so companies to research.

Certifications and Licensing

The most important thing to look for when searching for solar providers in your area is whether or not they have the proper licenses and certifications. An electrical license is an absolute requirement.

An installer with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Certification is also a major plus (and a requirement to be on’s platform).

When you search for local installers, make sure to ask if they are NABCEP certified or check their website for the logo.


Online Customer Reviews

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a handful of certified and licensed solar companies, you’ll want to look at their online reviews (like this!).

We’ve found that Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau are the best resources for reviews of solar providers. 

As with any service provider, use your best judgment when reading online reviews — some can be overly negative or positive, depending on where you look. Read through a few different review sites to develop a decent sense of how the installer performs. Evaluate not just the installation and solar equipment they provide but also the installer’s workmanship warranty and customer service.

If you want to go an extra step, you may request to speak with customers who worked with the given solar installer in the past and are willing to act as a reference. This can give you more insight into the experience with that provider.

Solar Panels, Equipment and Finance Offerings

Depending on what stage you’re in, you may want to narrow the list of solar providers near you down to ones that offer specific types of solar panels or financing options.

Solar equipment and finance offerings will vary per installer. For instance, only certified installers can install SunPower panels. If that’s an essential factor for you, review the installer’s website to see which solar panel offerings they provide.

Get multiple quotes

Once you’ve narrowed your list down to a handful of trustworthy installers with the necessary equipment and financing options, then it’s time to make some calls and set up some meetings!

We highly recommend getting binding quotes from at least three installers to make sure you’re getting competitive pricing. That means going through initial consultations, design reviews, and contract offers with at least three companies.

Once you have several offers in hand, compare them for pricing, equipment quality, warranty, and production capacity. Then the choice is yours!

If you have quotes in hand, you can use still to get additional quotes from our network of pre-screened solar companies, and we’ll work with you to compare your offers and find the best solar provider for you. 

Find Solar Providers The Easy Way

Between identifying, vetting, and contacting multiple installers, getting multiple solar quotes on your own takes no small amount of time and legwork.

But on the marketplace, getting competitive solar quotes is easy. An expert Energy Advisor designs your system, generates dozens of quotes from our trusted network of installers, and provides an impartial source of wisdom throughout the process.

Better yet, you’ll save with preferred pricing and in-house financing resources.

Get started by punching in your zip code below.

Solar installers near me FAQs

How do I find solar installers near me?

There are two ways to go about finding a solar installer: On your own or through a marketplace like

On the marketplace, we have a thoroughly vetted and carefully managed network of local installers who bid on projects in their area. The marketplace weeds out scammers and fosters healthy competition.

To find an installer on your own, you might start with an internet search or by asking a friend or relative who has had solar installed. Once you have at least three options, you’ll want to thoroughly research and vet each installer to ensure they are a reputable company.

How do I research and vet solar providers?

Vetting solar provides is crucial to ensuring a productive and long-lasting installation. Here are some ways to identify reputable companies:

  1. Check reviews on Google, Yelp, Reddit, Facebook, and other sites
  2. Ask the company how long they’ve been operating in your community
  3. Check for certifications (NABCEP is a big one!) and licensing
  4. Ask about their workmanship warranties
  5. Track down a former customer and ask about their experience
  6. Ask one installer for other local recommendations. If they refuse to provide one, that’s a red flag!

Brian Lynch is an investor in’s parent company, Electrum.