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4 Reasons To Use a Solar Marketplace When You Go Solar

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve been approached by a solar company.  Whether it was someone at your door, a salesperson in a home improvement store, or a direct call to your home – the conversation can be intrusive and unwanted.

But say you’re interested in knowing more, we can help answer some of those questions. 

One way to navigate any type of complicated marketplace is to reach out to third-party experts. Third parties have no stake in which option you choose. This allows for an unbiased assessment of facts and options available.  There are numerous so-called “solar marketplaces” out there.  But Solar.com is the only one whose interests are truly aligned with the homeowner.  

Read on for 4 reasons using Solar.com’s platform is best.

The Ever-changing Solar Energy Marketplace

Choosing to go solar is a smart step, but it is the first step of many in the process. There are a lot of variables to consider when looking into solar.  It is a full-time job to stay abreast of the changing energy marketplace.  Solar.com is constantly researching and advocating for solar homeowner’s rights.

Local utilities often change their rules for solar homeowners.  Whether that is through legislation, a vote, or simply a policy change – often it is done without the public being aware of the shift.  Similarly, regional incentives can be reduced or even eliminated as more people choose to make the switch to solar.

The energy marketplace is constantly changing. The right choice now may not be the right choice in a year.  Speaking with a Solar.com expert who is well versed in the current and upcoming changes is crucial for making a smart long-term decision.

System Recommendations With Integrity

Designing a solar system is like completing a custom puzzle.  There are unique variables to consider for each project.  A system designed for your neighbor may not be the best option for you.  Some of the most common variables are roof space, how much energy you use, the way your roof is shaped, etc.  However, there is much more information to consider.

Often homeowners will want a specific panel type, inverter type, etc.  Perhaps they know of a friend or family member with that system who had a good experience.  You may have read an advertisement or paid article espousing the benefits of a particular brand.  Individual installers are often incentivized to promote particular brands.  There definitely are premium brands with premium performance.  However, often the Pickmysolar_customer_service.jpgprice point is not warranted for the nominal difference in efficiency.

Having an advocate who is well versed in the marketplace can help you avoid being sold a more expensive product.

Solar.com’s team of experts to help you to see the options available and the benefits therein for each.

Better Pricing Through Competition

To get the best pricing and options available for your solar project, you’ll need to get multiple bids. Comparing these bids is helpful in getting a clear view of the marketplace and what’s available at which price points. However, going back and forth between installers is time-consuming and laborious.  This is where an online marketplace can be useful.

When using our online bidding platform, installers know they are competing for your business.  If they offer the best products at the best pricing, they will have an advantage.  Additionally, installers can offer longer warranties, guarantees on their workmanship, bonus offers, and additional benefits and advantages.

The legwork in gathering your bids is on us, leaving you to decide which is the best option for your home.

We Protect Your Privacy in the Marketplace

The best part about using a marketplace is that we do all the work for you. Solar.com manages communication with the installers, gathers bids, puts together financial details, and creates easily digestible summaries of each of the top 3 bids. Check out our video for more details on our solar marketplace.

One major difference that sets Solar.com apart – we never sell your information or provide private data to bidding installers. Many online “marketplaces” simply funnel your data to installers to pester you until you give them your business.  We advocate for you and protect our customers’ information. NO INSTALLER WILL EVER CALL YOU FROM OUR BIDDING PLATFORM.

Additionally, the installers on our platform must pass a thorough vetting process.  We stand behind their work.  They know we expect nothing but the highest customer service for our clients.  If they want to be a part of the marketplace, they must provide the best products, service, and warranties in the region.

We’d love to help you find the best system, at the best price, that best suits your needs.  

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