Solar for Condo Owners

Solar for condominium unit owners is uncommon but gaining steady popularity, particular in states like California where specific legislation has been written about it.

If you own a condo unit and want to go solar, there’s two big things you should have in order to make this a reality:

  1. Roof Ownership
  2. HOA Approval

Installing Solar on a Condo Roof

To install solar on the rooftop of your condominium, you need to be sure you actually own a portion of the building’s roof. This will vary based on the building type and ownership type, but it’s an important requirement.

Obtaining HOA Approval to Go Solar on Your Condo

Although more states are proposing legislation to ensure that HOAs are permitting solar for condo owners, for most areas you need to obtain approval from your HOA in order to install panels on the property.