Increase Your Home Property Value

Do solar panels increase home value?

Short answer? Yes, installing solar panels will increase the market value of your home by at least the cost of the system. Per the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, every $1 of savings generated from a solar energy system will add $20 to your home’s market value when you decide to sell. Not only will you realize an increase in the value of your home, a solar energy system will help sell your home 20% faster than residences without solar panels.

Bill Gates said it best:

“It’s really kind of cool to put solar panels on your roof.” — Bill Gates

Solar Panels are Adding Value to Homes

Solar panel owners are seeing an increase in their property values over comparative homes in their neighborhood. The main reason for this increase in market value is that homes with solar panels offer a definite financial benefit to future owners.

Potential buyers are encouraged to purchase homes with an installed solar energy system because of:

  • The ability to replace your electric bill with a much cheaper and cleaner option
  • The reduction of our carbon footprint

Seller’s Incentives for Investing in Solar Panels

An average increase in the resale value of a home with a solar energy system equals $4,020 for each 1kW of panels installed. Your property value will increase with a scaled up solar energy system. For example, a 5kW solar panel installation will add an average of $20,100 to the market value of a mid-sized home. In California, a 3.1 KW solar panel energy system has the potential of adding an average of $12,462 over the price of comparative homes in a middle-class neighborhood.

A home with a solar energy system will catapult your property’s value ahead of the similar homes.

As a future seller, you will have huge advantages.

  • Demand a higher asking price for your home
  • Reduce exposure time on the market listings (sell your home much faster)
  • Receive close to 100 percent of your solar panel investment upon sale of home

Factors determining your home’s increase in market value at the time of sale:

  • Location of your home
  • Size of your solar energy system
  • Age of your solar panels and inverter
  • Efficiency conversion rate of your solar energy system
  • Existing market value of your home

Buyer’s Incentives for Buying a Home with Solar Panels

A seller’s incentives for investing in solar panels are parlayed to a future buyer because increases to a property’s market value only go up as electricity prices rise. In turn, the buyer’s future advantages of the solar energy system rise as well.

With a customized solar panel installation, you could potentially receive a 200% return.

You will be hard pressed to find another financial investment matching these same returns:

  • Day 1 savings on your electric bill
  • Yearly savings throughout the lifetime of your solar panel system – 25 to 30 years
  • No down payment necessary for your solar energy system