Solar Panel Costs by State

Average prices found through the platform have been lower than market prices in a majority of the states according to data procured from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Cost of Solar by State

Here’s a precise breakdown of the cost to go solar in different states:

Average Cost of Going Solar Per State, Market Versus
Arizona $3.61/W $3.39/W
California $4.31/W $3.76/W
Connecticut $3.65/W $3.68/W
Florida $3.45/W $2.82/W
Massachusetts $4.18/W $3.92/W
Maryland $3.93/W $3.64/W
Minnesota $4.61/W $3.66/W
New Hampshire $3.72/W $3.37/W
New Mexico $4.82/W $3.56/W
Oregon $3.79/W $3.68/W
Texas $3.83/W $3.17/W
Wisconsin $3.29/W $3.83/W


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