Boat Powered By 100% Clean Energy Set For A 6 Year Journey Across The Globe |

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Boat Powered By 100% Clean Energy Set For A 6 Year Journey Across The Globe


Solar panels are now on the high seas – sailing away using emission-free energy! The Energy Observer is set to sail around the world using only clean energy. We can all watch as the Energy Observer sets sail in 2017 on a 6-year voyage across the globe powered solely by renewable energy and hydrogen.

The Observer is the first clean energy, self-sufficient boat.

The Energy Observer was a race boat once powered by fuel. Today, the boat’s batteries running the electric motor will be powered by:

  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Self-generated hydrogen fuel cells from the sun and wind

Setting sail from Paris and making its way to 101 ports in 50 countries, the Energy Observer is a visionary 1983, 100-foot sailboat boasting a successful record in open-sea sailing races. The incredible vessel is creating a bright future for clean energy on the open seas.

Designed for Clean Energy Production

Equipped with a kite sail, the Energy Observer converts seawater into powerful renewable energy and hydrogen fuel through electrolysis – a unique chemical process.

I believe that it is fantastic that a boat powered by hydrogen . . . will travel the world, – Mark Z. Jacobson, Stanford University Engineering Professor.

The Energy Observer is proof that solar panels are increasing in recognition for 100 percent renewable energy technology solving:

  • Energy security
  • Job creation
  • Air pollution
  • Climate issues

The Energy Observer will set sail with the solar, wind and self-generated hydrogen using sea water. The sailboat will self-power indefinitely with green, emission-free technology.

No Carbon-Emitting Fossil Fuels

All aboard! This is the first sailboat having an autonomous means of producing hydrogen. The sailboat’s batteries feed its electric motor from good weather by solar and wind energy. When sun and wind are lacking, stored hydrogen will take control. The stored hydrogen will be generated by electrolysis powered by the solar panels and two wind turbines on board.

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