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The 4 Roof Types Released By The Tesla Solar Program

Tesla has finally made its solar roofs open for ordering. The smooth and textured tiles are the only roof types currently available with the Tuscan and French tiles expected in 2018. 

Tesla’s 4 Solar Roof Types

Elon Musk has his Tesla glass division to thank for the creation of solar roofs. The glass tiles appear solid to the human eye, but the sun sees them as transparent allowing the tile to capture the sun’s energy.

The four different styles of the Tesla solar roof are:

  • Smooth Glass
  • French Slate
  • Tuscan
  • Textured Glass

It is hard to determine availability for each different type of solar roof since Tesla has said they will probably make only 2 types available at first. With efficiency still not proven, cost high, (looks like it actually WON’T cost less than a normal roof install – shocker), and no installations expected until MAYBE the end of 2017, it is safe to say that this probably is not your best option at the moment.

Tesla’s Solar Roof – Smooth Glass Tiles

The smooth glass tile design was created by the Tesla Solar program with the modern home in mind. It is a very straightforward, clean-cut design, that fits best with contemporary home design. While most homes are not the best fit for this design, this higher-end design fits the expensive homes built within the last few years.

Tesla’s Solar Roof – French Slate Glass Tilestesla solar panels-1.jpg

Slate tiling is one of the most sought after roof types and has been for some time. Elon Musk made a good move having this style be one of the 4 of the new Tesla solar roof. Slate tile roofs give off the hand-crafted look and the fact that the Tesla Solar program was able to recreate this is impressive.

Tesla’s Solar Roof – Tuscan Glass Tiles

The 3rd type of new Tesla Solar roof is the Tuscan glass tile. You have probably seen this type of roof on European-style homes. This type of roof dates back to the Greek and Roman times so you can be assured that this type of roof architecture has been tested. The question is will Elon Musk and Tesla Solar be able to recreate this beautiful European style using solar technology.

Tesla’s Solar Roof – Textured Glass Tiles

Textured roofing can be dated thousands of years back. This tile was extremely popular until the introduction of the smooth and glazed tiles. Today, textured tiles are normally seen on extremely old homes or historic buildings. If any historic structures make the move to solar, this will almost certainly be the style choice.

We encourage you to speak to an expert regarding your solar options as well as battery backup (Tesla does have an up and running battery!).

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