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4 Cool New Technologies from Solar Power International (SPI) 2019

Our team just returned from a very exciting trip to the Solar Power International 2019 Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. We toured the floor and got a glimpse of many cool solar technologies, networked, and listened in on some great speakers. Speaking of cool solar technology, here are four new solar technologies we discovered at the event that are worth mentioning.

For a recap of last year’s hottest and latest solar technology, read here.

Every year, over 19,000 visitors, 700+ exhibitors, and 500+ speakers collectively gather together at the largest energy event in North America. Powered by Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), SPI aims to center the conversation around solar trends in the market and industry, and new solar technology. Here are four technologies (in no particular order) the team at Solar.com is excited to share with you.

REC Solar Alpha Series

1. REC Solar: Alpha Series

REC Solar joins the high-wattage high-efficiency space with its new Alpha Series. It currently holds the title for the highest-powered 60-cell solar panel. With capabilities of reaching 380 W, these panels can produce up to 20% more energy. Although we’re unsure of its exact price point, we can tell you that we received some inside scoop that it will continue to deliver low-priced panels especially given its expected 25 year warranty and high-efficiency panels.

Span.IO Smarter Electrical Panel

2. Span.IO: Smarter Electrical Panel

Arch Rao, Former Head of Product at Tesla, launches Span.IO’s residential smart electrical panel. It feels as though we are entering the digital space as we learn about products like this new electrical panel. The panel essentially would replace your home’s electrical panel and has the capability of backing up all the circuits in your home, controls what you want to switch on and off, and much more – and yes, you can monitor it via a smartphone app. With its automation system, Span can learn more about your home habits and identify patterns of your electricity usage so you know where you can save.

SolarEdge EV Charger and Inverter

3. SolarEdge: World’s First EV Charging Solar Inverter

The SolarEdge 2-in-1 EV charger AND solar inverter is a new technology that is capable of charging electric vehicles six times faster than a standard Level 1 charger. How? It uses the solar boost mode which utilizes both the grid and solar power. How’s that for efficiency? With a 2-in-1 product like this, rest assured that your installation costs and CO2 footprint will be reduced. 

LG Neon R ACE Solar Panel with Integrated Microinverters

4. LG: NeON R ACe Solar Panel with Integrated Microinverters

The last product we want to mention is LG’s new AC solar module with integrated microinverters, the LG NeON R ACe solar panel. That’s right, the new LG ACe panel has a built-in microinverter that is sleek and small enough to fit on the back of your panel. As we all know, LG manufacturers many home appliances – so it was just a matter of time for it to begin manufacturing its own fully integrated microinverter.

That’s all the update we have from this year’s Solar Power International! We can’t wait to discover more innovative solar technology at next year’s event in Anaheim, California!

Cover image source: North America Smart Energy Week 2019

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