Northern California's Electricity Rates Jumped 21% in 2016 |

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Northern California’s Electricity Rates Jumped 21% in 2016

Northern California’s Recent Rate Hikes

Northern California homeowners are irate after their electric bills jumped over 21% in 2016. The biggest hike came in August when PG&E’s electricity rates jumped 13%!

Homeowners likely didn’t feel this hike until this recent, unexpectedly cold winter, when the heat had to be turned up. Linda Klein-Andrade, in an interview with the Sacramento Bee, stated: “My bill has never, ever been this high”.

What’s worse is that the real pain hasn’t even hit yet. Most heating units are not electric but still need to power fans to circulate the hot air throughout the house. With the biggest rate hikes, just last August, we haven’t even experienced a full summer with these newly increased rates.

Air conditioners and pool pumps consume exorbitant amounts of electricity. This upcoming summer is going to be painful.electric-vs-solar-bill.png

The scariest part? These rates are only going to continue to rise. With rate hikes already scheduled over the next coming years, we can only expect our electric bills to get higher and higher.

So, what is a viable alternative? Welcome to the world of solar.

The best way to avoid the upcoming electricity rate hikes is to install solar panels on your roof and become the owner of your very own power source.

With today’s affordable financing and low-cost solar options, your MONTH 1 TOTAL COSTS will still be lower than next month’s electric bill! Not only is it CHEAPER to go solar, but there are also tremendous environmental benefits of switching over to solar energy.

At, our goal is to make going solar completely hassle-free. From initial contact, all the way through post-installation, one of our experts will be there with you every step of the way. Don’t worry about having to call installers and deal with having them at your home for consultations.

That’s just not how it works anymore. Give us your most basic information, and we will design your system remotely and reach out to installers for you, gathering around 15 bids on your project. Once we have collected your bids, our algorithm generates the top 3 bids for you to choose from. Select your bid, and we will get your panels installed, simple as that.

Stop having to worry about constantly increasing electric bills or having to freeze this winter / melt this summer to avoid constantly higher bills – go solar. We have Northern California solar experts here who are ready to speak with you, answer your questions, address your concerns, and get you saving money today. See how much you can save with solar, here!

Not quite ready to speak to an expert? Check out our blog here to get more information.

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