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How to Get Fast Quotes on Solar for Your Home

The process of transitioning to a solar-powered home can be overwhelming for some. From identifying the right solar panel hardware to ensuring that you are taking the proper steps to make use of the available federal and local incentives, there are many areas within this process that require a lot of attention.

Without preparing yourself, doing the background research, and working with the right businesses, the simple project that you imagined may soon become more cumbersome.

Fortunately, there are several businesses that take on many of these responsibilities to help minimize the amount of energy and time put in on your end. Still, you are left with the initial decision of figuring out who to work with on your solar project in the first place, and in many cases, this is the most important question to figure out.

The importance of identifying the right solar provider does not mean this process has to be slow and tedious. In this post, we will go over how you can get fast and high-quality quotes on solar for your home.

Maximizing Your Solar Quotes

The most effective way to get a quality quote on your residential solar project is by expanding your base of potential solar providers and seeing what each business can offer you.

The traditional way of going about this is to search out some of the available solar providers and input information on each website to get your custom quote generated. When there are tens of dozens of solar providers that you can choose from, it is clear why this can become an arduous task.

To address this issue, some businesses decided to create a centralized platform where vetted solar providers can sign up to gain access to the platform’s users. This model is much more efficient for customers because the solar providers are going to them instead of the opposite. Software platforms that follow this model can be referred to as “Competitive Bidding Platforms.”

Competitive Bidding Platform for Solar

A competitive bidding platform for solar is one where a solar customer’s project is bid on by competing solar providers so that the consumer has the option to select the best offer. This model naturally optimizes your solar quotes because each company customizes its offer with the goal of winning the consumer over their competitors. Sometimes this means offering the cheapest price or the best warranty. The value that each solar provider brings may differ greatly.

As long as there is a large enough pool of solar providers on the platform, the end result will always be better than if you went to each provider individually. Competition is very good for the consumer and with this structure, the consumer will always win.

A competitive bidding platform also will get you solar quotes fast. The centralized nature and automated functionality of many available platforms make are much quicker than the traditional route of going to each website separately to input information, or through a phone call with each business. – Empowering You to Go Solar with Transparency and Choice is an example of a competitive bidding platform for solar. The process with our platform is simple, intuitive, and can be done entirely online. The first step is to sign up for your free consultation with one of our experienced Energy Advisors.

In less than an hour, your personal Energy Advisor learns about each detail of your home that may influence the type of solar panel system you can install. After building a profile for this individual’s project, our network of over 100 solar providers will look through the project and create a custom offer if they see fit.

Our data at shows that each solar customer that uses our platform sees on average 8-12 bids on their solar project, 20% savings on their upfront costs, and lifetime electricity bill savings of $82,500.

Fast, Vetted Solar Quotes

It is possible to get a very fast quote on solar for your home by simply going with the first company you see. This, however, will not result in the best possible offer. When trying to find the balance between speed and quality, the best way to do this is through a competitive bidding platform like

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