How to Find High Quality Solar Quotes in 2021 |

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How to Find High Quality Solar Quotes in 2021

As the summer heat starts taking its toll, the idea of installing a home solar panel system starts to make more sense for many homeowners. In states like California and Arizona, your electric bill during the summer months can easily be over $200 and sometimes even go above $300.

Every week that goes by without a solar panel system is a missed opportunity to save money, minimize your environmental impact, and even raise the value of your home.

You can save thousands on your electric bill after going solar, and that is one of the primary reasons many consumers decide to make the switch. The benefits of a solar panel system are quite clear, and once you are ready to transition to solar, the next step is figuring out where you can find the best solar PV system quotes for your specific needs.

The Right Provider

The most important thing to do when buying your solar panels is to identify the solar provider that you want to work with. An average sized solar panel system of 5 kW can cost around $15,000, so spending the time to find an organization you trust is crucial.

During the research phase of your solar project, you will find some businesses that manufacture, sell and install their solar panels all by themselves, and other companies that may specialize in one or two parts of this process.

The easiest route is to find a company that can guide you through the entire process, connect you with the right providers, and lead you all the way through to the completion of your project. is an example of an all-encompassing service that helps a prospective solar owner identify the right provider, the right equipment, the right financing, and receive follow up support for after a project is completed.

The Solar Installation Process With

A big part of what makes unique is that when you initiate your solar project, you will work directly with a personal Energy Advisor. Your personal Energy Advisor helps you figure out the details that ultimately dictate the type of system you should install.

Solar panels differ in a number of ways – from the size and shape of the module to the efficiency and material of the hardware. The type of roof that you have at your home and the amount of rooftop that is exposed to sunlight also influence the type of solar panel system that you should install.

For example, there are two main forms of solar panels, monocrystalline and polycrystalline, which vary in color, efficiency, and cost. If you have less space it may be necessary to get the more efficient panels and vice versa if you have more space. All of these specifications will be accounted for during the consultation with your Energy Advisor.

Once you have the details of your solar panel system, the the platform allows its network of solar providers to bid on your project so that you come out with the best possible price. All of our providers go through a thorough vetting process before we decide to work with them, so you know that they are a trusted source.

Lastly, you provider that works best for you. In addition, every project that we initiate with a solar customer we cover with our Triguard Guarantee, which ensures that your solar system maintains optimal performance through its 25+ year lifetime.

Competitive Bidding Platform

In general, can be referred to as a competitive bidding platform because at the end of the day what we do is connect customers to providers through a bidding process to minimize costs for the customer and maximize the quality of their solar project. Without a platform like this, it will likely take much longer to identify the perfect solar provider for you. platform has been shown to save customers up to 20% on their upfront costs through this method. With over 100 providers on our platform and an average of 8 to 12 bids on each project, you are only putting yourself in the best position to move forward. Click here to get started on your project.

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