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An Overview of Panasonic’s Solar Panel Offerings

With all of the advances in the solar industry, it is getting more practical and affordable to start using solar. In fact, the price of solar panels has dropped over 80% since 2008. One of the most innovative companies to focus on in this burgeoning industry is Panasonic.

Panasonic was founded in 1918 and is a japanese electronics corporation that offers a wide range of products and services.

Since 1975, Panasonic has been at the forefront of research and development in the solar energy industry. It started with their work in amorphous solar cells, which are types of thin-film solar cells. Now, Panasonic’s solar offerings fall under the HIT trademark, featuring silicon heterojunction solar cell technology.

HIT Photovoltaic Modules

In 1997, Panasonic introduced the first form of their HIT photovoltaic modules. With this technology, they continued to grow their solar offerings and now offer significantly cheaper and more efficient products.

Panasonic’s proprietary silicon heterojuntion solar cells, or HIT modules, was the most important development for their solar systems. Currently, the HIT modules have the world’s highest output temperature coefficient.

The output temperature coefficient of solar panels relates to how much of the stored heat is converted into usable, electrical energy. Having the highest conversion efficiency here means that you will be producing more energy for a given system than an equally sized system using different modules.

Currently, Panasonic has 5 solar panel offerings on their website. Let’s take a look at each model and its specifications.

Solar Panel Options

  • N330 Photovoltaic Module HIT – Specifications include 330W power output, 19.7% panel efficiency, high-efficiency performance at high temperatures, water drainage frame, and light capturing technology.
  • N325 Photovoltaic Module HIT – Specifications include 19.4% high panel efficiency, water drainage frame, and light capturing technology.
  • N320K Photovoltaic Module HIT Black – Specifications include 19.1% module efficiency with all black appearance, high-efficiency performance at high temperatures, water drainage frame, and light capturing technology.
  • N315K Photovoltaic Module HIT Black – A powerful and high-efficiency solar panel that performs at high temperatures has a water drainage frame and light capturing technology.
  • N310K Photovoltaic Module HIT Black – Same as above but with slightly less efficiency.

All of these solar panels come with 3 additional features. This includes

  1. Pyramid Cell Structure Technology – This unique structural feature of their solar panels allows the module to absorb more sunlight and reflect less. This leads to more energy generation.
  2. Heterojunction Technology – Their proprietary solar panel technology is composed of several silicon layers, which reduce losses and result in higher energy output.
  3. 25 Year Product and Performance Warranty – Panasonic claims that their panel’s power output is guaranteed to 90.76% after 25 years, which is greater than other companies.

The pricing for Panasonic’s solar offerings varies depending on the specific solutions that you are looking for. You can contact us to learn more about these options.

An Innovator in the Industry

Panasonic has always been an innovator in the solar energy industry. With technological developments spanning over 40 years, they now have a claim towards the world’s highest conversion efficiency, which separates them from other players in the market.

The solutions that Panasonic offers for both individuals and organizations cover the entire life cycle of a project including everything from installation to long-term maintenance. If you are looking for options, Panasonic equipment is definitely worth evaluating.

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