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The Top Three Solar Manufacturers

At, we believe in supplying quality equipment for our customers. In the last twenty years, solar technology has grown exponentially, costs have plummeted, and we don’t think there’s any reason for a homeowner to install a solar system that isn’t made by an excellent manufacturer. After speaking with customers, installers, and companies, we’ve found out which panels work, and which fail to live up to their marketing hype. Below are three-panel manufacturers that we’ve found to be reliable, efficient, and leaders in the market.

1. SunPower

SunPower has some of the most expensive solar panels on the market, but they’re also the most efficient. That makes them ideal for homes that only have a limited amount of roof space. The Maxeon solar cells that SunPower manufacturers offer a 24% conversion rate, which is the highest rate available on the market today for a silicon cell solar panel.

Not only are their panels efficient, but they’re also durable. SunPower’s panels incorporate a solid copper backing, thick connectors between the panels (these expand and contract to match daily temperature changes), and they don’t have grid lines on the front of the cells. All of these changes ensure a long life, and the lack of grid lines makes these panels look more attractive sitting on top of your roof.

Another benefit of SunPower panels is that they’ve eliminated 85% of the reasons that conventional cells fail. That ensures their reliability, FH63oaR.jpgand it’s why SunPower is confident in backing up their panels with a full 25-year warranty. That’s a 15 year longer warranty than most other solar panel manufacturers are willing to offer.

Finally, SunPower even has an app which allows you to see how much energy your panels are generating in real time. You’ll be able to compare these statistics to historical numbers and see how much energy your system has generated over time.

2. LG

LG is an established brand known for its high-quality products, and its panels are some of the most efficient in the market. Their Neon 2 panels have an 18.6 – 19.5% conversation rate which makes them one of the more efficient panels available to homeowners.

Furthermore, LG produces its own solar cells which means that they have complete control over the production process. That means that they can ensure a high-quality product at all times. Their panels are made with a very slim and durable glass. This ensures that they are lightweight while also being rated to withstand tough environmental conditions.

One of LG’s specialties is its focus on testing. They have a unique series of quality assurance tests which guarantee that every panel they ship is of the high quality, and ready to last well beyond its marketed life. LG also chooses to spend a significant amount of money on research and development. In fact, 25% of their entire workforce is dedicated to discovering new technologies and improving their solar technology.

3. SolarWorld

Founded in 1988, SolarWorld has its headquarters in Bonn, Germany. But don’t let the location fool you. Currently, SolarWorld operates the largest solar cell production facility in the United States. To date, they have purchased more than 1.4 Billion dollars worth of products from all 50 states. Not to mention the hundreds of jobs that they’ve created.

One of SolarWorld’s chief aims is to create an extremely durable panel. They engineer it to withstand blizzards, strong winds, and even hail. Every day they do numerous tests to ensure the superior quality of their panels. Additionally, SolarWorld has an insurance policy that backs up their warranty, in case they go out of business.

SolarWorld also places a heavy emphasis on efficiency, sustainability, and renewability. They currently offer a recycling program on all used modules, which is a great way to complete the green energy process.

Recently, they supplied a 2.6 MW system to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This large system will help the VA to move towards its goal of getting 20% of all its energy from renewable sources by 2020. If you want to learn more about the project and see how SolarWorld is making a difference, check out this article.


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