How Utility API Works With Your Utility and Solar Company |

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How Utility API Works With Your Utility and Solar Company

Utility API provides software to accelerate the clean energy movement. They do this, in part, by offering secure data on a homeowner’s energy usage to a solar company you choose.

One of the biggest challenges in switching to solar energy is gathering the information needed from utility companies. Utility API makes it incredibly easy for you and your potential solar company to monitor how much energy you use. This helps in planning, financing, and installing your new rooftop solar system.

Collecting the exact information needed can be an arduous process, but Utility API gathers it in minutes.

Here’s how it works.

How Utility API Works With Solar

Utility API can help your solar company easily look up your energy usage data through your utility company. They do this by creating a secure portal where your solar company can import and manage the data from your utility account.

Your solar company will send you a data request via email, text, or by giving you a link to visit on their website.

Here is a quick break down of how easy it is to securely and quickly collect your energy data. Once you authorize access, that data will display as a new account in your solar company’s dashboard, and can easily be imported to your proposal tool for analysis.

A Way to Easily, Accurately Share Energy Usage Information

Once your solar company has access to this information, it makes assessments, financing, analytics, and new energy technology management more immediate and accessible on the whole.

This eliminates the back and forth headache of contacting your utility company and coordinating with the solar company. It also saves the solar company time from compiling the data manually, so you get your new system up and running sooner.

Obviously, it expedites the whole solar process. This puts solar energy running through your home sooner and more easily than ever before.

Where Is Utility API Currently Available?

This incredibly helpful service currently operates in about 90 percent of the current solar market. The type of data available varies by the utility company.

Do you like having easy access to information about your energy use? You might also enjoy reading about the Top Solar Monitoring Systems on the market.

If you have any questions about Utility API and how it might smooth your transition to solar, reach out to one of our solar experts today.

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