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Going Green: 5 Ways to Live a Sustainable lifestyle as a Suburban family

When I think about living a more sustainable lifestyle, I think about giving back to the environment and teaching my children the simple fundamentals of respecting Mother Nature.

Going green does not mean that I have to live completely off the grid. It means that I must become smarter with my natural resources as a Mom living in the suburbs with my family.

I believe that living a more sustainable lifestyle means taking into account everything that surrounds me in nature, becoming more responsible for the Earth and the well being of my growing family.

While taking steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle, I have started making better and smarter choices. As a very busy family putting these doable steps into action will benefit ourselves, neighborhood, and the environment.

 5 Ways to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

1. Reduce household energy use

Turn off lights and appliances that you are not using, Install energy efficient appliances, open windows to allow a breeze instead of turning on the air conditioner. Replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs. You can also Install solar panels.


2. Recycle

Recycle as much as possible if your neighborhood or apartment complex doesn’t have to recycle pick up either find a drop off location or request the curbside service.

3. Resell and donate items

Try Reselling clothing and children’s things through donations: Once Upon Child is a great place to resell children’s clothing, Domestic Violence Shelters,  and Good Will to donate clothing items.

4. Plant Seeds

Try growing your own garden. Simply plant a few seeds in a corner of your yard, in a container on your porch or windowsillpexels-photo-169523 (1).jpeg

5. Eat locally

A powerful way to live more sustainably is to eat locally and through subscription boxes like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Green Chef: These fresh and healthy meals can be delivered right to your front doorstep.

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