First Steps to Go Solar with LADWP |

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First Steps to Go Solar with LADWP

LADWP wants to encourage Angelenos to choose clean energy. Solar energy contributes to a healthier city and supports the burgeoning local solar industry.

If you go solar in the LADWP area, you’ll be eligible to receive a one-time rebate check paying you back at a rate of $0.25/Watt for switching to solar. Exactly how much you’ll receive depends on your system size.

Here’s an overview of how you can switch to solar energy with LADWP.

Look at LADWP’s Solar Guidelines and Resources

A good place to start is by reviewing LADWP’s qualifications for solar installations. You can find these by navigating from the main page to About the Program and then to Additional Resources. This page will give you a better idea of what systems meet city requirements and how they could work for your home.

LADWP solar also offers resources for finding a solar installer, such as the California Energy Commission (CEC) online database of Registered Solar Installers. You’ll also find a list of questions to ask potential contractors.

LADWP recommends getting at least three quotes from certified solar contractors. They say this is because sometimes solar company representatives and salespeople make claims that aren’t entirely accurate.

This might not be intentional. It may simply be because some contractors are not aware or they’re overgeneralizing. Being able to compare three or more quotes will help you spot any discrepancies.

Much of this is done for you if you go through We’re an LA-based solar platform and know all the ins and outs of the LADWP process and requirements. We can gather info on and quotes from installers for you. You get a system that fits your home, and you don’t end up unhappily surprised.

Apply for Solar Meter Installation and the Solar Incentive Program

Once you’re ready to apply for the solar incentive program, LADWP breaks this process down into five easy steps. These can be found by clicking “How to Apply” on the main page.

  • Step 1 – Initiate your solar meter installation
  • Step 2 – Fill out the SIP Rebate application
  • Step 3 – Install your solar PV system
  • Step 4 – Connect and energize your solar system
  • Step 5 – Get your solar incentive check

Learn More About LADWP’s Solar Program

Find out about the possibility of selling your newly generated energy from renewable sources to LADWP with their Solar Feed-In Tariff Program.

If you’re able to produce more energy than you use, requesting a switch from a Standard Rate to a Time-of-Use rate might make sense for you. Find more details on LADWP rates in the video below. 

Don’t forget that in addition to the local incentives, you’ll also be eligible for the 30 percent federal tax credit.

More Resources to Make Going Solar in L.A. Easy

Watch this helpful video if you’re curious about what your solar energy bill might look like with LADWP.

Questions about the Solar Incentive Program Rebate? Call the LADWP Solar Incentive Program office at 866-434-0433 or send them an email at 

Curious about how can walk you through any of this? Call us at 888-454-9979, or read about how we’ve dramatically simplified solar.

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