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Microtops Sun Photometer Review

Solar Light’s Model 540 Microtops II® Sunphotometer is a lightweight, handy 5 channel gadget for measuring and assessing direct solar irradiance, aerosol optical thickness, and water vapor column, precisely and consistently.


This multispectral gadget is a high accuracy and easy to use, specifically designed unit to measure undeviating solar irradiance in five channels of particular wavelengths. This fully portable unit uses relevant data to offer atmospheric properties, such as aerosol optical thickness as well as perceptible water vapor column. It chooses standard wavelengths from a range of 340nm, 380nm, 440nm, 500nm, 675nm, 870nm, 936nm, till 1020nm. In case your research is based on the longer wavelengths, then do consider the 675nm, 870nm, 936nm or 1020nm filters. While measuring water vapor column dimensions, you may consider using either the 936nm and 1020nm pair or the 870nm and 936nm pair as feasible. This model of Solar Light offers many benefits like facilitating field operations, using a rugged carrying case and (features like) Garmin GPS. If you wish to research on ozone only or ozone and water vapor column (both), then it is advisable to check out the range of Microtops II® ozonometers.


  • Weather Stations
  • Scientific and Educational Studies
  • Pollution Monitoring
  • Photobiology
  • Environmental Monitoring (with instantaneous results)
  • Vicarious Calibration
  • Irradiance-Based Calibration of Imaging Sensors


Brand Name Solar Light
Capacity 1
Ean/UPC 0713049548760
Resolution 0.01W/cm² on 305nm Channel
Viewing Angle: 2.5°
Dynamic Range: >300,000
Precision: 1-2%
Operating Environment: 0 to 50°C
Non-linearity: max 0.002% FS
Graduation Interval 1
Height 8.0 inches
Weight 1.30 pounds
Length 1.7 inches
Lower Temperature Rating 0 degrees celsius
Measurement System US
Model Number 540
Pore Size 1 inches
Upper Temperature Rating 0 degrees_celsius
Width 4.0 inches

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