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Smart Panels offer Homeowners Advanced Energy Control

Solar panels and battery backup has brought home energy into a modern age. However, these advanced technologies typically tie into a rather antiquated gathering place – the circuit breaker panel. New smart electric panels allow homeowners greater control through consumption data, flexible load management, and solar + storage integration. 

The Lumin Smart Panel

Lumin is installed as an addition to a homeowner’s electric panel (aka circuit breaker panel), thereby transforming it into a smart panel or energy management system. The device allows the panel to become responsive to factors such as power outages, solar power production, batteries, and time-of-use electricity costs. The homeowner can manage everything remotely from their smartphone app. 

When a homeowner installs solar + storage, they will typically have to make a permanent choice about the loads that they want to back up in a power outage. When Lumin is installed alongside, the homeowner has the flexibility to alter the loads that they choose to backup at any point. The ability for in-time decision making means that backup power can last longer (if desired) and that a homeowner can prioritize the loads that make sense for the given day. 

Lumin offers automations to extend battery life. A user can configure settings so that when a blackout hits, heavy loads are automatically shed. Those loads can then be added back in once a home solar system has recharged the battery to a sufficient level. 

Enhanced energy control is layered on top of granular energy consumption data. A homeowner can monitor circuit level power usage, solar power production, storage capacity and can receive alerts as soon as an outage strikes. 

The Span Smart Panel

Span entirely replaces an existing circuit breaker panel. Many homeowners find that a main panel upgrade is required when going solar, so Span is a great option for those customers who want the upgrade to include energy control. Span solves current solar + storage pain points including the complicated process to choose backup loads, the large number or components required, and the limited amount of control. 

Similar to the way Lumin users can manage their backed-up loads, Span users prioritize loads based on “Must-Have” loads that are always on, and “Nice-to-Have” loads that are on until the battery reaches 50% capacity. “Non-Essential” loads remain always off. Once set, these preferences are automated but can be manually adjusted at any point within the app. 

For design-minded homeowners, Span brings home a win. Solar + storage installations require multiple boxes on a customer’s wall. Partial home backup requires 6+ boxes, full home requires 4+, but with Span there will only need to be 3+ boxes. Span itself is a clean glass box with LED lights that power on when opened. 

Span offers a homeowner the same flexibility, automated control, and data that Lumin provides, but does so with a sophisticated, sleek design. 

The Bottom Line

Smart Panel technology is perfect for homeowners who want more control of their home energy. Both Lumin and Span offer similar functionality, but Span boasts a polished aesthetic. Span is a smart choice for homeowners who are already due for an electric panel upgrade, while Lumin can easily be integrated into an existing solar + storage system

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