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A Complete Review of the NEW SolarEdge EV Charging Single Phase Inverter

For electric vehicle (EV) owners, having convenient access to a charging station is as important as a normal driver having access to a gas station.

The problem however, is that there are notably less public EV charging stations available than gas stations. To address this, many EV owners decide to install their own EV charging station at their home.

In most cases, these individuals are also owners of solar panels and want to maximize their use of the renewable energy that they are generating.

A Brief Summary of EV Charging Stations

In general, EV owners with an at-home charging station have two ways of setting up their system:

  1. The first method is for people without a solar panel system and involves installing just the EV charging station. The charging station gets integrated into the existing electrical grid so that it can draw out electricity and feed it into the EV battery. The homeowner pays for this electricity use just like they would be for any other electricity consumption in their household.
  2. The second method is for solar panel owners who want to direct some of their solar panel’s generated energy into their EV battery. To do this, they need 2 systems: the EV charging station and a solar inverter. Together, these two systems create a pipeline where the energy from a solar panel can be converted and fed into the EV’s battery.

The SolarEdge EV Charging Single Phase Inverter – A Solar + EV Owners Dream Come True

The SolarEdge EV Charging Single Phase Inverter is the first inverter that also includes an integrated EV charging system.

What this means is that instead of a consumer buying two separate systems (like what was described above), they would only have to buy one unified solution. The SolarEdge EV charging inverter provides more streamlined design and functionality for consumers that are looking for simplicity and efficiency.

Charge Your Electric Vehicle’s Battery 6x Faster

One of the biggest advantages to the SolarEdge EV charging inverter is that it harnesses electricity from both the grid and your solar panels to allow for charging up to 6 times faster than traditional EV charging stations.


With SolarEdge, the amount of time to charge a vehicle with enough power for an average day’s travel goes from 6.5 hours to 1.5 hours. This drastic decrease in charging time gives an EV owner much more flexibility in when they can charge their vehicle.

SolarEdge Monitoring Platform for Smarter EV Charging

A SolarEdge monitoring platform is a software tool that can be accessed through a mobile application. It allows customers to track and manage their SolarEdge charging inverter. It connects with a meter that is built into the charging inverter so that it can produce accurate data.

Some of the features of the SolarEdge mobile app include:

  • Remote ability to turn to charge on and off
  • Schedule charging based on off-peak hours to minimize costs
  • Track activity to visualize the use of charging inverter

SolarEdge’s mobile app is an invaluable asset for EV owners that are trying to optimize their energy consumption. The only way to do this is by having access to such a platform.

Benefits Of SolarEdge Charging Inverter

The SolarEdge EV Charging Single Phase Inverter provides a simpler, more integrated solution that has a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Faster charging through grid and panel energy use
  • Easier installation due to less hardware and wiring
  • Improved accessibility for customers through a mobile app
  • Twelve-year warranty that can extend to 20 or 25 years

Overall, the SolarEdge EV Charging Inverter is a great option for individuals that own both electric vehicles and solar panels.

It is also something to look into if you only own an electric vehicle and were looking for even more reasons to install a home solar panel system, and vice versa. In either case, the SolarEdge EV Charging Inverter stands as a leader in the inverter and EV charging market.

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